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How the principle of the invisible hand of the market works
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Powerful merchandising system

The system of selling goods is an easy and reliable way to get large volumes of sales. An effective sales system must meet certain requirements. The main requirement is compliance with the AIDA formula. AIDA formula is not offered out of the blue. It is a reflection of the maturation process of the client to purchase the goods.

Powerful merchandising system

At the heart of any desire to buy a product or in other words at the heart of any need is an idea. A product is just a way to realize an idea. If an idea is not implemented in a person, then he will not buy the goods corresponding to it. If the idea is implemented, but not active, then the person also will not buy the goods. Accordingly, the question arises of activating the right idea.

Activation of the idea leads to the gradual formation of a desire to buy a product. The AIDA formula reflects the process of activating the idea introduced into the consumer and is used to ensure the correctness of its flow. If the process is implemented correctly, then the consumer buys the product, if it is wrong, he refuses to buy.

Not everyone succeeds in achieving compliance of the product sales system with the AIDA formula, but only professionals in their field. Therefore, there are often situations when there seems to be a system for selling goods, but it seems to be inanimate, and therefore does not work and does not sell. The factor that revitalizes the sales system is the pumping of specialists by the idea of ​​a product.

It allows you to highlight the idea that underlies the product and pump it

Only specialists who have been pumped by the idea of ​​a product can broadcast it and thereby activate their desire to buy a product. Accordingly, it is not enough just to build a system, you still need to pump the idea of ​​specialists. Pumping with the idea of ​​a product creates faith in the product. To sell a product, one must believe that it is really good.

To gain faith, you must first of all know this very idea that underlies the product. One of the tools for this is the product legram. It allows you to highlight the idea that underlies the product and pump it. You can work with it yourself if you have experience. If it is not, then it is better to contact specialists who will single out and formulate the idea.

In 95% of cases, sales failures are caused precisely by the fact that the seller does not read sales articles, does not know the idea, has not pumped it, does not believe in it, and therefore cannot transfer it and prompt the consumer to buy. As you can see in the picture, initially the customer is “cold, which means indifferent to the product. For him to make a purchase, he must be warmed up.

After the attention of the consumer is attracted, he needs to arouse interest in the product

A quick warm-up can overheat the buyer, so it’s worth warming up gradually. Accordingly, the first element of the system for selling goods is the subsystem for attracting attention. Again we are talking about what should be a subsystem, and not disparate elements. After the consumer’s attention is attracted, he needs to arouse interest in the product.

The second element is the interest retention subsystem. After the client is interested in the product, you can cause a desire to buy it. Accordingly, the third element of the system is the subsystem for generating a purchase desire. When there is a desire, it remains only to induce a purchase, and for this we need a “subsystem for encouraging a customer to buy.”

Building a system for selling goods
Product Sales System

So, there is a model of a sales system, it remains only to organize the construction of a sales system practically taking into account the most modern tools. In order to ultimately produce a modern and working system, it was proposed a model, and not a ready-made version. As time goes on, new tools replace the old ones, which lose their effectiveness.

A system based on old tools stops working over time

A system built on the basis of old tools ceases to work over time. Therefore, laying any specific tools as the basis is to doom the business to guaranteed bankruptcy within 10-20 years. For example, some 20 years ago there were no search engines in principle. Instead, paper site directories were used.

Now in these directories there is no sense, moreover, they are more harmful than useful. The system of selling goods, in which there is a subsystem for attracting attention using paper catalogs, is guaranteed bankruptcy. As you can see, each of the steps in the AIDA formula can be implemented in different ways. Only basic ones are listed in the picture.
Varying methods allows you to build a high-quality system and get the desired result. How to vary, you can see the example of a car sales system. Many do not pay much attention to the suitability of the tool to the stage. For example, they use only sellers who implement the entire formula without third-party tools.

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