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How to search for potential customers

Finding potential customers is a very simple task. For a small amount, you can quickly find hundreds of thousands of potential customers. A familiar businessman, the owner of dentistry in a large city in Russia, inexpensively acquired a base in which there were more than 140,000 contacts. Satisfied, he rubbed his hands, anticipating a powerful flow of clients into his dentistry.

How to search for potential customers

The base of 140,000 people who went to the dentists in the last month is a real Klondike. Finding potential customers in such a huge database seemed simple. However, it quickly became clear that not everything is so simple. Trained and 200% pumped-up sales specialists began ringing the base, but they were not able to get real customers – they were waiting for a total failure.

The database of contacts is not the only way. You can get customers in hundreds of ways. One of the most popular is the launch of contextual advertising. However, the search for potential customers in this way does not always end in success. Often the budget merges, but real sales do not happen. This happens even when advanced professionals engage in advertising.

Sales as a customer expense

You might think that sales people cannot get customers because they don’t understand sales, and contextual advertising specialists cannot get customers because they don’t understand advertising. That is not the problem. The fact is that sales are the expense of ready-made customers already created by marketing. Therefore, the search for potential customers is the search for ready-made customers.

There are many ready-made customers in growing markets.

First, customers are created through marketing, and then they are consumed and very often even without the participation of sellers. Creating customers in the sales process and using sales techniques is impossible in principle. So the people are arranged and nothing can be done with this. Clients can be created either through marketing or in various violent ways.

If a salesperson calls someone and sells something, it means that before that someone with the help of marketing turned this person into a client, and he was almost ready to buy. The seller, in fact, simply stole the customer from the one who created it. There are many ready-made customers in growing markets, so salespeople manage to sell, which creates the illusion of the omnipotence of sales.

The illusion disappears when the expense of customers begins to exceed their income. In this situation, it becomes obvious that sales are not as omnipotent as they are presented. When illusions disappear, when sales are not growing with the most powerful investments in sales and sellers, then business owners run to marketers and ask them to quickly generate a powerful flow of customers.

To have customers – they need to be created

Marketers know how to generate customers, but the process is not fast. Just as it is impossible to cook kebab in 3 seconds, just as you can not instantly create a client. A client is a person in whom some idea is introduced that he wants to realize. In order for your goods or services to be sold, an idea must be introduced into the client that he can realize with their help.

To implement an idea, you need to study the customers and understand what ideas they are located. Then you need to come up with this idea. Then you need to directly implement this idea and wait until it ripens in a person and turns it into a client who is already ready to buy your goods or services. So finding potential customers is an illusion. To have customers – they need to be created.

Creating customers means introducing ideas into them. After the implemented idea ripens in a person, he will want to realize it and will begin to search for suitable goods and services. At this stage, he can already sell something. In this case, the search for potential customers may succeed, because they really are. If no one introduced ideas into people, then there can be no clients in principle.

Without it, customers will be expensive and very soon.

The process of introducing ideas and maturing customers occurs as quickly as possible, efficiently and cheaply in the case of developing a marketing strategy. Without it, customers will be expensive and very soon. Advanced companies know that the search for potential customers begins with their creation through pumping those ideas that can be realized with the help of their goods or services.

I have built and implemented dozens of marketing strategies in different markets. I can say for sure that a marketing strategy developed according to the correct algorithm makes finding potential customers as cheap and quick as possible. With the help of a marketing strategy, all business indicators are improving before our eyes, and the business itself is growing and flourishing, gaining a new life.

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