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How to make a quotation correctly and professionally?

Sales managers quite often hear the phrase “Send us your quotation, we will consider it and respond to it.” But quite often it is at this point that customers leave. And this is because they did not like the proposal, it did not hook them. And then the question arises: “How to make a commercial proposal correctly and professionally?” After all, it is necessary that it does not push him away, but rather attract and interest. It is to this question that will give you a detailed answer. After reading this article, you will learn a lot of useful information and understand how to make a quotation quickly and easily, while not losing customers.

How to make a quotation
A professionally compiled commercial offer can become an effective sales tool and a competitive advantage for any company. In conditions of growing competition and an increase in the speed of information exchange, the topic of writing commercial offers becomes especially relevant, since it is precisely the speed and quality of the proposed proposal that can directly affect the result of further cooperation. At the same time, it is necessary to remember some features when preparing proposals, the main of which will be discussed below.

Recently, customers have begun to demand quick responses from suppliers, leaving a minimum of time for preparing proposals, which means that growing competition forces us to do more than competitors, that more time is spent on analyzing the request and preparing proposals with the help of accountants, lawyers and others company divisions.

Very often, responding to inquiries, the supplier runs the risk of spending time on a customer who is not even going to place an order or the customer has already made a choice, but in order to “squeeze out” more favorable conditions, he attracts “extras”.

For many companies, service providers, the question is especially relevant, the customer forces to spend money and time on the preparation of commercial proposals, which will not even be considered, while such proposals are often a preliminary project.

What to do? Do not respond to inquiries, but there will always be competitors who will quickly do this in the hope of receiving an order or laying the foundation for future cooperation. The solution to this problem may be to standardize the process of writing commercial offers.

You can develop several options for commercial offers depending on the requested services, works. To simplify this process, some foreign and Russian companies began to use computer programs. Starting with simple “Construction Calculator”, ending with more complex for calculating the lines of technological equipment.

Regardless of the tools used for compiling proposals, it is necessary to remember several basic rules:

Before making a commercial proposal, it is important to put yourself in the place of the customer and try to understand what he might be interested in and what not, which would attract attention.
If possible, try to get the following information from the customer: goals and needs of the customer, urgency of the order, proposal of competitors who make the final decision on the purchase.
As a rule, company executives receive dozens of commercial offers every day and not just one executive will just have time to read them in full. Therefore, it is recommended first of all to focus on the description of economic benefits for the customer and the quality of the goods or services.
The standard offer includes the following sections:

• logo, name, company coordinates;
• an indication of who the proposal is being sent to (written in the upper right corner, company name, position, last name, initials) will reduce the likelihood of your proposal getting into the trash basket;
• appeal (dear …, we are sending you …);
• general information about the company as concisely as possible the main areas of activity;
• the main text of the proposal, which should include qualitative and quantitative characteristics, prices, terms of payment and delivery, economic dividends, competitive advantages;
• a list of work performed and letters of recommendation will markedly distinguish your proposal from others;
• company details, coordinates of the person in charge.
The above recommendations will help to standardize the process of writing commercial proposals, to minimize the preparation process, which will allow more quickly respond to customer requests, and therefore get an advantage at the initial stage. There will be more temporary resource to work out the uniqueness of the proposal, the sales staff will be able to focus directly on the search for objects.

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