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Welding equipment and welding process

Welding equipment is a set of devices and fixtures that are necessary in order to manufacture welded assemblies and products. Previously, at home, various metal elements were connected using bolts, wire, rivets and other devices. Today, welding machines have become more modern and therefore even an amateur can cope with them. In this article on we will tell you about all the components of the welding equipment and the welding process.

Welding equipment and its types
Welders are used for the manufacture of metal structures by welding. It is widely used in construction, industry and other areas of human life. The most basic device is the welding machine. The modern industry produces the following main types of welding machines:

welding rectifiers;
devices for argon-arc welding;
hose welding semiautomatic devices;
welding inverters and assemblies.
Today, there are several types of welding equipment, which you will now learn in detail about.

Welding transformers are special transformers that convert and regulate electric current for stable power supply to the electric arc. The design of the welding transformer is represented by a core-magnetic core made of transformer steel, on which the primary and secondary windings are placed. They can be both stationary or one can move relative to the other along the core, providing adjustment of the current strength. Welding transformers are used for welding parts from low alloy steels.

The inverter is used for complex work. It differs from others in wide functionality, light weight, and also high quality of seams. Semi-automatic inverter is the most modern and versatile device, and therefore the most expensive of all types. But with the help of it you can make high-quality seams. Spotter is a spot welding machine and is most often used in the automotive industry.

Welding work, process details

The welding process is carried out by alternating current. The advantages of welding transformers include simplicity of design, high reliability, low cost. Welding rectifiers consist of a transformer and a block of silicon or selenium rectifiers. The transformer is equipped with a regulating device. The arc of the welding rectifier is powered by a rectified direct current that flows through the secondary circuit.

In welding rectifiers there is a stable arc, which allows for high-quality welding even for beginners. Such devices can weld non-ferrous metals, having equipped them with the necessary equipment. They are mainly used for welding stainless and low alloy steel. Argon-arc welding devices operate on alternating, direct and pulsed current.

The welding process is carried out by a non-consumable tungsten electrode using protective gas. The shielding gas may be argon or helium. Argon-arc welding machines are used for welding stainless and ordinary steel, copper, magnesium alloys, titanium, aluminum, and brass.

Semi-automatic welding hose machines operate on direct or pulse current. The welding process takes place in a carbon dioxide environment using a welding wire. Also, welding can be performed with a special wire without shielding gas. These are high-performance machines that provide an excellent weld, protected from corrosion. Widely used in auto repair shops.

A welding machine is a self-powered welding machine. The design of the welding unit is represented by an internal combustion engine with all work support systems and a powerful generator with control devices and electronic systems that are combined on a common basis. The welding machine can be used where there is no electricity. It provides reliable strong welding.

Now you know everything about welding equipment and the details of the process itself. The most important thing is to decide why you need welding equipment and choose the right welding machine. Such an adaptation is very necessary if you live in your home. It will become an indispensable tool for you if you need to quickly and accurately fasten several metal parts together.

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