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Staff Meeting: Effective Work Team Tips

The tradition of regular staff meetings is the key to the success of the company. Every experienced leader knows that organizing meetings of the labor collective is necessary not only for reporting the work, but also for the motivation and emotional charge of employees. Such meetings keep every employee in good shape and strengthen team spirit.

Many managers and businessmen are wondering: “How to conduct an effective staff meeting and achieve the desired results?”. In this article, has prepared for you several secret and productive solutions for how to make the company more successful with short regular team meetings.

Before you start a meeting …
Before you gather everyone at the round table, think about what you would like to talk about first of all? What projects need attention? Are there any deadlines among them? What exactly needs to be changed in the work of the company? How to work out new strategies for success?

You must have a specific goal and action plan. The main task is to inform employees about the company’s news, inspire and motivate everyone, come to a consensus in solving important tasks.

Three positive aspects of collective meetings:

firstly, managers take responsibility for their own area of ​​activity and work more productively;
secondly, each member of the staff is charged with energy, positive and aims to achieve good results;
thirdly, employees share personal experience, support and help each other, strengthen team spirit, and effectively develop.
Rule number 1. The regularity and theme of each meeting.

Some companies mean a staff meeting is a waste of time and absolutely can not stand anything from it. All because meetings are irregular! When leaders make a meeting a tradition – choose a specific day of the week and a clear time – the results are obvious.

On the positive side, there is a supporting topic for the meeting. It is advisable to notify about it in a corporate chat, or register on a common board in the office, so that each employee can think through and comprehend their own approach to this issue before the meeting.

At times, it is worth holding spontaneous meetings. If a problem arises that should be resolved urgently, it is better to think in a team. As they say, one head is good, and two …

Rule number 2. Important tasks and optimal solutions.
Any meeting should begin with a discussion of the problems that each employee of the company touched on during the week and with the help of which he solved the problem. Often, the leader, by virtue of his responsibility, solves the problematic issues himself. When a joint discussion of the minuses of the company’s work appears, the solution of these minuses automatically becomes collective, which has a very positive effect on the further results of the company.

Rule number 3. Focus on team achievements.
When you shared difficulties with each other and discussed how to get out of difficult situations, charge the team with the announcement of the success of the company or personal employees. Did any of the staff write an excellent report? Has a colleague held a successful conference? Has the employee received a professional award, diploma or certificate? Why not praise the achievement of a team member? After all, this greatly affects the overall result and moves the company to progress.

Do not hesitate to praise and motivate employees, encourage even their smallest victories. Believe me, you will get a guaranteed return on work in the shortest possible time.
Rule number 4. Never scold at all.
Scolding for serious mistakes or failure is better tête-à-tête. First of all, respect each of your wards as a person. You would hardly be pleased to hear this in front of the entire work collective. When expressing your own discontent, be calm, specific, and polite. The smallest rudeness cancels your authority and reduces the level of professionalism. Observe diplomacy, know your worth.

According to statistics, it is precisely those companies whose leaders managed to establish friendly contact with the staff. The main rule of the organizers is: “Each worker is a colleague and partner for me, not a subordinate.”

Rule number 5. Build plans for the coming week together.
When the good and the bad are taken apart, you can proceed before the announcement of plans for the week. This can be new promotions or offers for customers, current company rules, announcements of promotions, announcements of weekends or holidays, staff acquaintance with new employees.

The friendly atmosphere is exalted by corporate events. It would be wonderful if the tradition of joint relaxation is added to the tradition of weekly business meetings, where the guys can easily chat with each other. For example, go bowling or broadcast a football match.

Rule number 6. The meeting must be held in full force.

The full staff at the meeting is as important as time and the fixed day of the week. Think, if one puzzle is lost, the big picture with small particles will lose a holistic and uniform look.

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