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How to make the office interior comfortable for employees

An office is the heart of any company, its most important place. It is in the office that the company’s employees work, and that is where visitors and potential customers come. The reputation of the company and the efficiency of its employees depend on the interior of the office. A comfortable office is one of the primary tasks of each manager.

In addition to the fact that the interior of the office is the key to the loyalty of visitors to the company, the performance of employees depends on the organization of the workspace. The site offers you a small list of aspects that you should pay attention to in order to organize a comfortable office.

Favorable office atmosphere: general aspects
A comfortable office includes a number of parameters. Consider some of the problems that arise and how to solve them.

Illumination of the room. It is desirable that there are a lot of windows, and all the fixtures are placed so that the employee has the ability to regulate the lighting of the workplace without changing others. Do not ignore the meaning of daylight – not one of the most powerful lamps can replace even a window that is not too big. The access of sunlight to the office improves the mood of employees and, as a result, the efficiency of their work.
A comfortable office is always equipped with quality ventilation. There are legislatively established norms that determine the speed of air circulation and temperature in workrooms. They are based on medical standards and are a good example of what is worth pursuing. Too hot, too cold, too stuffy, too stale air – all this negatively affects the performance of employees.
The very organization of the workspace. Earlier cabinet systems were relevant; open space is becoming more and more popular now. Both that, and another not always justifies itself.
To arrange cabinets is more expensive for the owner of the company – each cabinet requires individual ventilation and lighting systems. Open space is much more economical, but the comfort of employees suffers – and their ability to work.
The output is various kinds of partitions. Stationary can distinguish a negotiating zone and “offices” of the administration, mobile are ideal for dividing ordinary employees. This will create for them the illusion of secluded space, and, among other things, muffle the noise, which is a constant companion of open space.
The color scheme of the office interior. Many are now rushing to two extremes: either all in one color, or sharp, conspicuous contrasts. Both are harmful to the health and comfort of employees.
Too uniform colors throughout the office are tiring. Too sharp transitions – adversely affect vision. The ideal option is the interior in soft, calm colors, diluted with contrasting elements – whether it be window frames and doors, sofas in the soft zone and so on. The only exceptions are partitions and desktops. These are objects that an employee looks at for longer and more often, and they should not be too bright so as not to tire their eyes.

Organization of the employee workspace
However, the most important point determining a comfortable office is the organization of each workplace separately. This primarily includes the correct choice of table and chair.

Tables are written, computer and universal. The choice depends on the specifics of the work: the writing is good for working with documents, the computer is designed for the most comfortable placement of the computer. A universal table is now ideal for most offices – with a tabletop that is spacious enough for papers and stationery and provided with elements for placing a monitor, keyboard, system unit, and all necessary office equipment.

You need to choose a table based on the average height of the intended employee. Ideally, this could be a table with an adjustable leg height, but a table with a height of 75-78 cm would be sufficient. Consider the dimensions of the working space: for maximum comfort, the width of the working surface should be at least a meter, the depth should be at least 60 cm, and the leg space should not be less than 50 cm

A good option for the office is tables with built-in cupboards, various shelves and drawers that will help relieve the work surface of the table, which in turn will contribute to the employee’s comfortable state – firstly, it’s more convenient, and secondly, cluttering is depressing at a subconscious level.

The second, no less important element is the work chair. It doesn’t matter how comfortable the office is or not, without comfortable chairs for each employee, work in it will end in health problems. Computer chairs there are a great many – a variety of configurations. How to choose?

Work chairs are hard, semi-soft and soft. The best option is semi-soft: other options are not suitable for continuous sitting for more than five hours. Pay attention to the material: leather chairs look more representative, but even for the boss, if he spends most of the day in the office, it is better to abandon this option.

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