Is it possible to earn a lot by working for an enterprise?
There are many opportunities to make big money while working for an enterprise. Choosing the path of a hired employee, you can gain a huge status, respect for people and…

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First of all, I want to note a very important point: a very large number of factors affect sales. This is directly the quality of the product, and its positioning,…

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Marketing automation: what is it and how will it help business
In global marketing, there is a trend in automation or the so-called marketing automation. We can draw such a conclusion by analyzing Google Trends by keyword. But what is it?…

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Have you ever had the feeling that you are being “bred”? It appears to me periodically when I am offered to advertise, conduct marketing research or just buy something … Recently I found the following (quote) on the site of one of the marketing companies: “It is possible to” fit “an existing study to your needs.” Since then, another paranoid thought has entered my mind – why conduct such a study?

Anecdote to the topic: Two marketers are walking along the street and they see that $ 100 is lying on the road. One says: “One hundred dollars! Let’s pick it up!” Second: “Do not. They are fake.” “Why?” “If they were real, they would have been picked up a long time ago.”

Wishful thinking

At the end of last year, advertising agents called me regularly. One, representing the interests of a popular TV guide with a huge circulation, was especially intrusive. I live in a small city, where most managers don’t even think about marketing, so I received a full-fledged marketing research of the print media market sent to me by order of the magazine and I was very surprised and pleased.
Read. Impressed. All right. Except one. The competitor’s figures for this magazine, which appeared quite recently, but outstripped its rival monster, were clearly underestimated. Well, it’s clear – the provincial marketers decided to please the customers by giving their wishful thinking. Perhaps, however, this is the desire of the customer – it is so difficult to refuse good people! ..
One can entertain oneself with hopes that such “inaccuracies” are the trouble of the province. However, this is not so – probably you were also surprised at the numbers posted on the websites of all kinds of Moscow and federal mass media.

Nothing new

I used to work as an editor at a large Moscow publishing house. In our magazine, which has a leading circulation in its field, things went not in the best way – there was little advertising. The question that “something needs to be changed” was raised repeatedly, but somehow reluctantly. We even wrote plans for the development of our headings, painted everything, even the craziest ideas, but the papers, apparently, went under the cloth – the bigger the company, the harder the decisions made.
One morning, we were invited to the conference room, and for this reason, the directors forked out for a large-scale marketing research, and they chose one of the most successful and expensive companies. The young marketer spoke for a long time and beautifully, explained everything with the help of complex charts and graphs, but we must give her her due – very affordable. True, the more she spoke, the more vague doubts crept into my soul that leadership was not wasted in vain. When I saw that my colleagues looked at each other in perplexity, I realized that doubts torment not only me.
Throughout the presentation, some woman made small additions. I thought it was the manager of a marketing company, but later it turned out that this is our publishing marketer. The impression was that she was much better oriented in the matter.

No, that’s right – the conclusions are correct. It’s just that these truths were already understandable. True, the authorities did not hear us.

But still, I learned something new that day – it turns out that readers like it more when the text is written in two columns. Amen.

“And so they take, darlings”

In megacities, everything is simple – if you want to get high-quality marketing research – pay money and turn to leaders. The less money, the lower the quality. No one claims that small marketing companies work poorly. You can’t just refer to their authority. And this is a huge minus.
In small cities, deprived of oil and gas, another misfortune is a lot of unoccupied niches that no one encroaches on. All climb into the already mastered directions. Marketing in the province is carried out only by management companies of industrial groups that play big games, focusing on the federal or world market.
Provincial business leaders are extremely intolerant of change and the use of modern business mechanisms. The main argument of such a manager – “and so they take, darlings.” To order marketing research for him is the same as buying air, the “most important” one simply does not understand what goals it pursues.
“And so they take it” until federal or western monsters come to the region, which do not give the slightest chance to the weak provincial business – the consumer completely switches to cheaper and higher-quality products of Moscow aliens.

Full marketing

Many executives agree that in cities with a population of over one million people, it makes sense to conduct marketing research involving third-party companies only when a radically new product is launched and the niche is free. In the same case, if you have been in the market for a long time and, therefore, are well versed in the situation, large-scale spending is not necessary. It is enough just to monitor on your own. For this, it is necessary to organize the work of all employees so that everyone is responsible for their own narrow area.

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