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A successful company only needs to be organized

This is a short description of the success of the company, which has more broadly explored the needs of the legal services market. The company was created as a small joint-stock company, then its shares began to be quoted on the NYSE, and last year it was bought back by a private joint-stock company for $ 650 million. A real success story.

What became the basis of such success?

The basis for success was a non-standard form of providing legal services to its subscribers. There is some unusual pattern on the market: in countries where legal services are widely represented and legal support is provided at a good level, their cost is quite high. Therefore, ordinary citizens try to solve many issues requiring legal support on their own, and only in particularly difficult situations they resort to the help of a lawyer or lawyer.

This company began to offer legal assistance plans to anyone who wants to draw up a contract. It can be an individual or a business owner.

What is a legal plan and why is it needed?
A legal (legal) plan is a service that provides you with the support of highly qualified lawyers and attorneys for a small fee. In this company, for example, it is about 50 cents per day.

Here are a few basic services provided under the legal plan:

– Unlimited access to a law firm to ask any legal questions that you have. Ask them every day if you want.

– 24/7 emergency assistance for protection in emergency legal situations: if you are arrested or detained, if you are involved in a difficult car accident, if you are contacting with guarantees and sureties, or if the state is trying to pick up your child (s).

– If necessary, your lawyer will write an official letter or call on your behalf.

– Study and review of legal contracts / documents (up to 10 pages).

– Standard annual review / update of legal information for you and your spouse.

– Settlement of situations related to traffic violations and claims for the restoration of vehicles.

– Assisting the defense on charges of homicide, manslaughter, reckless killing, or fatal car accident.

The legal plan of the company applies to you, your spouse, dependent children under 18 children, physically or mentally retarded children living with you, students under 23 years old, if they are members of your family and live with you.

For all situations not covered by the legal plan, there are significant discounts. Additional services are paid at a rate of 25% of the standard hourly rate of a law firm. Discounts are only part of your savings.

When you receive the services of company lawyers, you can be sure that you are working with a specialist in the field of law that you need. This means that you do not pay for the services of a lawyer or lawyer to find out about the requirements of the law that accompany your problem.

Sounds like a grand plan? Lawyers of the company work with a fairly large load. The company’s management provides a stream of new clients willing to pay just $ 15 per month for a package of legal services, while lawyers and lawyers honestly do their job. The secret of great success turned out to be simple: an attractive idea and hard work of the team.

Here is what customers say about having such a legal shield:

“My family has been using the services of the company for three months now. During this time, we contacted the company six times. The money that I saved only on these issues will allow me to pay for the six-year support of the company. I work in the insurance industry, and I feel that this is the best type of insurance that you can buy for money. ”

“I am glad that I saw the company’s page on the Internet. I got a legal plan. Now my son is returning to college after the holidays. But during the holidays he had a car accident and was charged. I don’t know how it will turn out, but I know for sure how to get a lawyer in Virginia while in New York. ”

As you can see, legal protection works in everything from the restoration of membership fees to the settlement of credit issues.

The idea is simple, the matter is left to embodiment. Remember 650 million dollars! If someone was inspired by the example of this company, then more complete information about the methods of their work can be found through any Internet search, which is called LegalShield.

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