Buy and Hold Investment Strategy
“Buy and Hold” is not a clear name for a brilliant investment strategy, especially when you are concerned about the safety of your money. However, historical data suggest that the…

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testo ultra precio en mexico
Ten easy and effective ways to raise prices
Each entrepreneur can confidently say that raising prices is a morally difficult and unpleasant occupation. Everyone is afraid to scare customers, lose profits, etc. But in a crisis, revising prices…

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All you need to know about the stock exchange or securities market where you can buy and sell shares
If you want to take a step into the world of securities and have good money, but don’t know how, then in the article you will learn what the stock…

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Marketing automation: what is it and how will it help business

In global marketing, there is a trend in automation or the so-called marketing automation. We can draw such a conclusion by analyzing Google Trends by keyword.

But what is it? Why is this needed? How to implement it? You will learn from this article.

Analytics from Google Trends

First of all, let’s look at the term marketing automation. There are many descriptions on the Internet, but it seems to me that the main thing is to understand the essence.

Marketing is a change in people’s behavior through information. Accordingly, the task of marketing automation is to make automatic communication with potential consumers and convey this information as accurately as possible.

Previously, information was distributed through a single communication channel, regardless of the wishes of the user. For example, a TV. There is content that, regardless of user segmentation, was shown to them. It doesn’t matter whether the consumer is a grandmother, mother or a small child – Coca-Cola ads were suitable for everyone. Today, companies are trying to do segmentation and point-to-point interaction with the consumer, as advertising is very expensive.

Moreover, companies want to interact differently with consumers who are at different stages of the funnel. Let’s say there are leads who have just left a request on your site, and there are those who have read 3 articles on your blog. And there are those who have been watching your videos and reading a blog for 2 months. These three types of leads are at a completely different stage of heating, and you need to communicate with them individually.

When you have 5 leads, this can be done manually. When you have 1000 contacts in the database, it is impossible to do this manually. Here various tools come to the rescue that help you automate marketing communications.

Stages of marketing automation
First, let’s take a look at the stages. It is important to understand that each stage has its own tools. The biggest mistake for beginners is that they want an all-in-one tool. A kind of Swiss knife. But imagine that you have a fork, spoon and knife. At home, you will separately use cutlery. For a picnic you take a Swiss knife. For some reason, marketers in their usual work are trying to find marketing tools a la a Swiss knife, when you need to find specialized software for each process. To do this, you need to clearly understand the stages and business processes in your company.

Content creation and placement
You need to create content, a proposal and place it somewhere. This could be WordPress, Landing Designer, Shopify, or something else. Typically, such platforms give data on applications and sales. Some CMS systems have an inventory of goods. This stage is understandable to everyone, since any business has websites.

Traffic launch
When you have a site filled with content, you need to start traffic. Without traffic, the entire marketing automation system simply does not work.

The easiest way is to launch through the advertising offices of the FB, VK, Google and Yandex. Many have also learned how to run ads, but only pros can optimize. For this, services like Cerebro and eLama will help you.

Lead conversion
When there is traffic to your site, you need to make visitors become subscribers. Left your contact details. These are various pop-up windows, an offer to subscribe to push notifications, chat bots and all that sort of thing. The main task is to get contact details.

Lead Communication
When you already have a subscription base that you have collected through lead conversion services, you need to return them to the sales funnel. You can call, write letters, send SMS, push, messages to the messenger and show a retarget. This category of software includes the services of email newsletters, push notifications, chat bot.

For more complex, varied communication, marketing automation services are needed.

When you returned the leads to the funnel, you need to start relationships and accounting. Your managers begin to communicate with customers, set reminders and lead the sales funnel process.

Accept payments
When a customer is ready to buy, he needs to do it easily. If you have sales on the Internet, then payment systems will help you. You will have an understanding of who bought, what they bought and how much they bought. All this purchase data will go to CRM or marketing automation service. Accepting payments is a very sore spot in many businesses. Especially when companies try to build a subscription model. This requires very cool solutions, like Stripe.

Ultimately, you need to analyze all stages of sales and understand where the “narrow neck” of your business is. Analytics systems will help determine where to reinvest money. Analyst systems are different, ranging from Yandex.Metrica to Mixpanel. There is also a BI system where data from all services flow, and you can see the whole picture.

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