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Transport Logistics – Challenges and Benefits

This material will be useful for those who want to understand the basic concepts of logistics, find out what transport logistics is, how to avoid difficulties in choosing a carrier company, and we will answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is transport logistics?
Logistics is the procedure for organizing the most effective promotion of products from a supplier to a consumer. The essence of transport logistics is to provide the fastest, shortest and least costly route by which goods get from the supplier to the customer.

What functions and tasks does logistics solve?
The main functions of transport logistics include the following:

market analysis and activity planning;
safety and movement of cargo;
improvement of the logistics concept within the chosen market strategy;
execution of all customs documents, declarations and procedures;
cargo insurance;
loading and unloading of goods;
These functions are aimed at solving the following tasks:

how to minimize the time for storing products;
how to choose the type and type of vehicles;
compilation of optimal routes for the supply of goods.
Types and types of transport in logistics
Different modes of transport in the logistics system

Transport logistics is an important part of the functioning of many companies, especially when goods and services are delivered to different ends of one country or far beyond its borders. To do this, you need to choose the right vehicles.

Transportation of products can be carried out by different means of transport:

by rail;
by air;
Criteria for choosing a transport when ordering logistics services
It is important to remember that the main criteria for choosing a mode of transport are as follows:

delivery time;
adherence to the schedule and the established route of transportation.
This issue is already solved directly with the supplier company.

How to choose a transport company?
This begs the frequently asked question in logistics: how to choose the right transport company? An indicator may be several factors at once.

First, analyze the market and see which companies have the best ratings.
Secondly, do not look only at the advertising of enterprises. Pay attention to the reviews, ratings that users leave.
Thirdly, call different companies, talk with managers, ask all your questions. See how they answer you, how well the manager understands the matter, find out where the office is geographically located and how the delivery process is carried out.
Further, of course, it is worth learning about the pricing policy of companies and the guarantees that the company gives.

We recommend the transport company in Ukraine
If, having analyzed various options in Ukraine, you still couldn’t decide, then we recommend you two advanced companies located in Kiev:

Logistics Solutions: freight forwarding services in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe, engaged in international transport. Website:
Far away transport: Transport company for transportation in Ukraine and international transport. Website:
Why they? These companies are the best in the market and have confirmed the high quality of the work.

Company Advantages:

delivery on time;
personal manager for each client;
Individual approach to every customer;
competitive prices in the market;
the ability to track the location of the cargo.
Each of these companies guarantees the quality of work, reasonable prices, discounts for regular customers, and also gives the opportunity to defer payment. The company respects all the functions of transport logistics. Also provides a loyalty system and complete privacy.

We tried to give you a detailed description of transport logistics, and answer frequently asked questions about the choice of a transport company. Further, it all depends on your choice. The main thing is to find as much information as possible to make it right.

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